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Garage Door Springs & Services Norwood MA

Garage Doors are among the key points of entry to the house. A garage door is something nearly everyone uses several times a day, and thus proper maintenance and repair of garage doors is essential to ensure proper functioning. Besides protecting your car, they are also one of the prime points of entry to your home and thus a faulty garage door can result in serious security issues. For this reason it is essential that any potential problems be nipped in the bud to ensure the integrity and functionality of your garage door. Here at Garage Door Repair Norwood we understand how important this can be and have put together a team of highly skilled technicians to help you solve any problem in the swiftest and most efficient way possible.

Garage Door Spring Repair

Garage Door Springs are the first to go when you use your garage door frequently without properly servicing it according to the manufacturer’s suggested schedule. You should give us a call and we will provide you with any information you need to reduce the need for Garage Door Repairs due to Spring Failure.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Another absolutely vital component of your garage door is the garage door cable. These cables are high tension cables designed to bear a large load and they bear the most stresses and strains on a daily basis, making them susceptible to wear and damage. A worn or frayed cable could snap making the door inoperable and worse, lead to the door crashing down causing severe accident or injury. To avoid/ minimize this risk it is essential to ensure the proper health of your cables by monitoring them regularly and replacing them when necessary.

We’ve been performing garage door cable repair in Norwood for the last 20 years and have built a solid and trustworthy reputation for ourselves. Our team of technicians will guarantee the safety and longevity of your cables by setting you up with top quality, branded products.

Garage Door Opener Repair

Garage Door Opener Repair in Norwood MA is our specialty. We take care of every customer who is having problems with their garage door opener. If you are having problems with your Garage Door Opener, simply give us a call at (781) 369-5812

Garage Door Off Track

Over the course of our 2-decade business history one of the most common problems we’ve faced is a garage door going off its tracks. The garage door is usually a very heavy piece of machinery that moves up and down along tracks on a daily basis and is thus extremely prone to going off the tracks. Going off track can result in your garage door being entirely inoperative and make it impossible to use your garage. Even worse, a half-open door is really tantamount to having a gaping hole in your wall and presents a serious security risk.

To avoid this risk, we have a team of experts that has been doing garage door off track repair in Norwood for two decades and all that experience will be made available to you at your doorstep. In the event of your garage door going off the tracks, we guarantee calling is the best solution you can come up with. We’ll have it fixed in a jiffy.

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